The New King

The New King (A Fantasy World Music Journey) tells the story of Princess Sofia who lives in the world of her musical imagination. Surrounded by the classical music of the court, she intuits the sounds of strange evocative instruments she has never seen or heard before. She knows that one in particular, is significant...    

Years later, when she is presented for marriage, suitors come from far and wide, many of them musicians. Rashid, a captivating dark-eyed young man, is master of a strange stringed instrument called the oud (in his country known as the King of Instruments). She is intrigued and delighted when he plays the same haunting melody she heard in her dreams, so long ago...


 THE NEW KING is currently available as a 20cm x15cm Photobook. Copies can be ordered via the Contact Page on this website.

An orchestral score with an atmospheric voice-over (compliments of Emissary productions) is also available on request.

Excerpts from the New King orchestration and voice-over
Playing audio